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Have you ever wanted to work with technology but aren’t sure where to start? New Tricks aims to demystify the technology employed by artists and give participants the skills they need to set them on a path of creative exploration.

Saturday 9 April – 12-2pm
Saturday 23 April – 12-2pm
This workshop is designed as an individual session and will be repeated over two days. Please only book on for one workshop.

In this session we will be looking at the video works within Survey II and discussing how they have been put together. Afterwards we will explore Adobe Premier and cover the basics of video editing. By the end of the session we hope you will have a greater understanding of how the works in the show have been created, as well as having a grounding understanding of the software so you can begin your own projects.

This is an introductory session, suitable for beginners aged 16+. No prior experience necessary. All equipment provided on the day.

This workshop will include an induction to our Community Editing Suite. Afterwards participants will be able to make bookings and use our facilities and continue their projects in their own time.

Local travel and expenses bursaries are available to help you access our public programme. Email to apply.

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