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Front of House and Operations Manager

Rebecca Bell

Finance Assistant

Stacey Martin

Programme Assistant (Platform)

Robyn Haddon

Executive Director

Judith Harry

Participation Producer

Alfie Heffer

Artistic Director

Sharna Jackson

Technical Producer

Aaron Kelly

Participation Manager

Peter Martin

Curator (City of Ideas)

Greg Povey


Angelica Sule

Assistant Participation Producer (FABS)

Dominika Rojewska

Assistant Participation Producer (FABS)

Yasmine Williams

Finance Manager

Jane Whitehead

Marketing Co-ordinator


Board Members

Abhay Adhikari

David Bailey

Catherine Baxendale

Kerry Cambell

Saul Cozens

Silas Hand

Nicola Hill

Tom Fleming (Chair)

Christina Makris

Auriel Majumdar

Cat Powell

Victoria Tillotsen

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