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Site Gallery collaborates with young people from all over Sheffield, from all sorts of backgrounds. We welcome the divergent opinions, experiences and beliefs young people bring to situations and encourage curiosity, provocation and creative conversation.

We commission artists to collaborate with young people to research, experiment and create work that can be shared in the gallery, online or in a range of community settings. This can be a sharing of research, knowledge or artwork.


One of the main ways young people engage with Site Gallery is through the Society of Explorers, an art collective of 14-19 year olds from Sheffield who meet weekly at the gallery.

“A good few years back, I attended one of these at the site gallery – it was with a famous artists who came in to work with a group of young people for two weeks. I’d had an interest in photography before – but this really grew that and enabled me on many levels, to take this forward. These days I’ve shot photos of all-sorts of events, from theatre to film stills, to famous faces like Trevor McDonald, Kate Nash, and many more. But it was the visual language I learnt that enabled that, and it took me to the next level. I highly recommend getting on this, it might literally change your life forever.”
Oliver Ibbotson, 2019


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