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How do we find ways to have intimacy and connection during lockdown?  How does this extend into a sense of solidarity?

Join Auriel Majumdar and Siân Williams in an open conversation structured around ways we find and create intimacy and connection during lockdown – and how that extends into a sense of solidarity.

In the lead up to their conversation, Auriel and Siân have communicated through letters (read them here)  as a way to create intimacy at a distance.

This event is the first in a series of talks from Site Gallery focusing on potential shifts in artistic practice as we navigate ‘the new normal’.

On considering this difference, he may then be able to see something new, which is relevant both to his own views and to those of the other person. And so it can go back and forth, with the continual emergence of a new content that is common to both participants.
David Bohm

This conversation is held on Zoom, attendees will be sent the link prior to the event.


Auriel Majumdar is a Creative Coach and Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience as manager, leader, strategist and change maker. In her coaching, Auriel specialises in business, leadership and personal development in the creative sector. Her coaching and facilitation practice has a particular emphasis on the use of creative techniques to challenge individuals and groups to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

After two tortuous years of PhD study, Auriel is continuing to research the links between Coaching and Art under her own steam, focusing on how Coaching might be an art practice in its own right. She is interested in dialogue, co-creation and what happens when we let go of goals and achievement.

Auriel is a fledgling poet and has a keen interest in electronic music!

Siân Williams (1980, UK) works primarily with sculpture, performance, and film. Using found or domestic materials she creates playful objects that invoke props or remnants of stage or film sets. Williams is interested in the point between materiality and imagination and the narratives that emerge from those spaces. In 2017 Williams joined Katz Mulk; a collective working at the intersection of music, performance, and visual art who seek to inhabit the marginal spaces in-between improvisation and structure. Her work is held in the British Library, the Southbank Centre Poetry Library and the Tate Library and Archive, Tate Britain.

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