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Something Wild follows the Spaces for Creation Symposium, which takes place inside Site Gallery at 1pm.

Foraging helps us connect to the world around us, with the joy of different flavours with each changing season. It can link us to the past with recipes and processes developed over centuries, tips and growing spots being shared between communities. 

Using the hardy fruits and herbs still provided over the winter months, Wild Combination have foraged, fermented and infused to create a Wild Bar: stocked with wines, cocktails and soft drinks – a quaffable map of the amazing plants that grow all around us.

Handmade, hot and hearty vegan pies with some unusual foraged sauces will be available.

About Wild Combination:

Wild Combination is an experimental food project run by Sophie O. Underdown Lester and Tara Hill. 

Sensory and social, plant-based food inspired by herbalism, seasonal ingredients and a quest for new flavour combinations. 

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