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Join us at Victoria Quays on 2 July 2017, during the Floating Cinema weekend in Sheffield, for the third of our Site Sessions events – The Mobile Imagination. This lively discussion series brings together art, science, technology and more (previous events covered Art, Science and the Truth and The New Economies).

This edition will take place in and around our Society of Explorers‘ On The Road art van, which will have been activated for the first time that afternoon. Historian Dr Ralph Harrington will set the scene, with an engaging talk about the relationship between transport and art. Over the centuries, works of art have recorded conditions of travel and modes of transport, and have narrated many journeys. Reflecting on the restless histories of art in motion, we will then have short talks and discussion with artist Chris Jarratt, On The Road artist/architects Public WorksDavid McLeavy and Ben Judd, and the Society of Explorers.

With a floating cinema and an innovative new art van to hand, there will be plenty to inspire new thinking, so come armed with questions and ideas to share, as always.

No need to book – just show up and sign in.

Site Sessions is a City of Ideas project.

Image: Flying machine patent drawing by W.F. Quinby 10/5/1869

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