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An afternoon drop-in session with Shy Bairns to mark the end of Rewriting The Future, with a number of print-making prompts and stations considering sci-fi zine making.

Working with Shy Bairns, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to questions posed by the exhibition, creating work for a zine that looks at the future of sci-fi, queerness and community. Activities will include mono-printing, collage and creative writing.

Your work will be collected at the end of the day and printed into a two-colour risograph zine.

No booking necessary – just turn up. Stay for as little or as long as you would like.

Recommended age 14+.

About Shy Bairns

Since 2016, Shy Bairns have been working together on a responsive programme of zines, exhibitions and workshops.

They are interested in the accessibility and interactivity of contemporary art, and through their practice aim to create a conversation between exhibition/artwork and viewer. Often considering ideas of identity (both individual and communal) they begin to explore the relationship of viewer to work and work to viewer, with projects focusing on this space in-between.

Print runs through the core of the practice, utilising zines, print workshops and installations to interact with others and create collaborative works. Paper and print act as a democratised medium, one everyone is familiar with handling, and one that is made to be handled. Shy Bairns aim to work with others to produce highly visual publications that can then leave the gallery space and be taken home, extending the exhibition outwards.

You can find them on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Image: Queering Godzilla by George Gibson.


Izzy Kroese

George Gibson

Erin Blamire

Eleanor Haswell.

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