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An afternoon of free workshops and activities to mark the end of our Liquid Crystal Display exhibition, before it tours to MIMA. Featuring artists Sam Meech and Kelly Jayne Jones and the Society of Explorers.

Each workshop will run simultaneously from 2 – 5pm, with activity happening throughout. It will work on a drop-in basis so you can stay for as little or as long as you would like. No booking necessary – just turn up.

Recommended age 8+ accompanied by an adult.

Moving Image with Sam Meech

Working with artist Sam Meech in this generative moving image workshop, participants will grow analogue video forms and remix archive film of crystal growth. Using simple hands on-techniques, the group will create fractal animations and strange emergent video growths in an ever changing analogue ecosystem.

Using digital video software, we will manipulate and projection map some fascinating 1934 footage of experiments in capturing crystal growth on film, kindly provided by the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Image above: Sam Meech- feedback form test detail

Sound Workshop with Kelly Jayne Jones

Artist Kelly Jayne Jones is interested in creating multi-sensory experiences – sight, sounds, smells, space, interaction, communication and exchange. In her workshop participants will have interact with the unique sounds and textures of rocks and crystals.

Interacting with amplified slate and other objects together,  the group will a create sounds using Ableton Live and midi controllers. Participants will be invited to listen to each other, to interact with each other and the crystalline rocks to tune in to the deep sounds of ancient earth in a sonic space opera.

Kelly Jayne Jones sound workshop
Kelly Jayne Jones

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