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We inhabit a ‘crystal era’, in a world of images supported and circulated by crystal mineral technologies.

Historically associated with mystical healing, gazing and alchemical practices, crystals are now prevalent in technology including computers, mobile phones and state-of-the-art medical equipment. At the heart of a laser-beam is a vibrating crystal, touch-screen technologies, and the optical cables that keep us connected, are all enabled by this extraordinary material substance.

LCD takes shape around an ambitious new commission by artist Anna Barham, titled Crystal Fabric Field. Based on the fundamental geometric form of naturally growing crystals, the sculpture operates as a cabinet of curiosities, housing artworks by 16 other artists, all exploring the material possibilities of crystals. The works examine and observe liquid crystal phenomena, revealing the mystical properties of objects, linking technology and the natural world and exploring links between crystal, capital and contemporary culture.

To accompany the exhibition, we have produced a book that is on sale in our shop. The book includes an introduction by Laura Sillars, an extract of an interview between Jussi Parikka and Jeanine Griffin and a text on Liquid Crystal by Professor Esther Leslie. You can read the full interview between Jussi and Jeanine on Medium.

Photo by Waad AlBawardi, The Hidden Life of Crystals, 2018

Supported by Henry Moore Foundation and LUX.

Touring Partner: MIMA


Waad AlBawardi; Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway; Ralf Baecker; Anna Barham; Karen David; The Crystal World (Jonathan Kemp, Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan); Liliane Lijn; Ann Lislegaard; Penny McCarthy; The Otolith Group; Mungo Ponton; Eva Rothschild; Ruskin Collection; Shimabuku; Kiki Smith; Suzanne Treister; Jennifer West.

Curated by Laura Sillars with Angelica Sule.

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