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Installed in the gallery’s second floor projection window, the work could be viewed from the street after dusk. Fifteen years later, we have invited Raksha to revisit the piece and reflect on the memories the work conjures when looking back from 2019.

Raksha will provide an insight in to the ideas behind her film Stellatus (2004) and reflect upon what the piece means to her today. In her talk Raksha, will explore how landscape and memory can hold our senses of identity, belonging, and loss.

“The film Stellatus asks us to look beyond the land and our immediate locality and forces us think beyond where we live, exploring expansively into the ether and our relationship with the sky, air and universe. As we know the stars can be seen from places across the world and forms a universal vision that we all can experience no matter where we live. It is the sky that we often look towards when faced with loss and the contemplation of the future.”

– Raksha Patel

An open discussion will follow along with Jeanine Griffin and our Engagement Curator Eelyn Lee.



Raksha Patel

Selected exhibitions include:
Uproot, The South London Botanical Institute (2018), Florilegium, The Royal College of Physicians (2018), Painting Now, Studio One Gallery (2017) Lives, Loves and Loss, Traces at National Trust, Fenton House, (2016) The Trouble with Painting Today, Pump House Gallery (2015), The Roadside Museum, Basement Arts, Leeds (2015), Forget-Me-Knot, Pitzhanger Manor Gallery (2013), Tradition and the Passing Down of Culture, Pump House Gallery, (2013) We were Trying to Make Sense, 1 Shantiroad, Bangalore (2013) Collision, Nancy Victor Gallery, (2013) Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Gallery and touring, (2011). Paint, Beldham Gallery, Brunel University London (2010) The Mausoleum of Lost Objects, inIVA, (2008), The Redemptive Beauty of Life After Death, The Bonnington Gallery Nottingham (2007) Visions in the Nunnery, The Nunnery Gallery London (2006) Creative Connections, The Whitechapel Gallery London (2005) Stellatus, Site Gallery Sheffield (2004).


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