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Victoria Lucas is an artist and senior lecturer based in Sheffield, UK. She holds a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Norwich School of Art (2004), MFA in Fine Art from The University of Leeds (2007) and is currently a part-time PhD candidate at Sheffield Hallam University. She teaches at the University of Central Lancashire.

Recent artworks reference the language of quarrying and material extraction, as creative processes deconstruct and reconstitute ravaged landscapes and notions of female experience. Photogrammetry, video editing and 3D modelling techniques are combined with sculptural, sound and photographic processes to remap, embody and entangle the material strata of landscapes. Victoria’s voice becomes central to these works, as women’s experiences are symbolically dug out of the land through narration and performed action. These visual methods of remapping speak of a posthuman re-connection with the organic – as a reclamation of female subjectivity – away from the dominating hold of extractive capitalism.

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