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The above film was created through a series of workshops in Summer 2021, with artist Christopher Jarratt and the young people from Highfield Adventure Playground.

In the workshops, we experimented with different collage techniques and diffused coloured pigments in water. By panning over the work with a macro lens we created a film that transforms these small compositions into imaginary worlds.


Christopher Jarratt has lived in Sharrow since 2014 and has collaborated on projects with Sharrow Community Forum and the Adventure Playground since 2016. This was the first exhibition that they have worked on together.


The exhibition, which was presented at Yorkshire Artspace in September 2021, was a collection of film, photography and sculpture that sat together to provide a space for reflection and daydreaming.

As well as the above film, the central element was the circular balance beam sculpture, inspired by the Daoist practice of walking in circles as an act of meditation. Audiences were invited to walk on the beam as a grounding exercise within the exhibition.


In workshops leading up to the exhibition, the young people worked with artist Muna Mcadie to create an ambient and etheral soundscape for their film (featured above). Together, they experimented with contact microphones and Tibetan singing bowls, a type of bell that produces and rich and deep tone.

As part of the exhibition programme, Muna also led an immersive sound bath within the space, asking participants to carve out a space for themselves. Resonant quartz crystal singing bowls were played live as we collectively found deep relaxation, rejuvenation, introspection and rest. The results were waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body.


We worked with artist and sculptor Natalie Finnemore to host a workshop on block printing. In the workshop, participants learnt how to print onto fabric to create a unique calico cushion or ‘mini bean bag’ filled with natural buckwheat hulls, as used in traditional Japanese soft furnishing and yoga bolsters.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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