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Art practise: sculpture and installation 

Seiko is a Japanese artist who creates sculptures and large installations for galleries and museums, often using traditional textile and craft techniques. She works on Public Arts which make connections with the heritage behind the site as well as the architectural spaces, and social aspects. She is interested in how slow and dying craft techniques have a space & future in our ever changing busy society and how those old traditional techniques can exist within the contemporary art arena.

 In recent years, she enjoys collaborating with other professionals such as scientists and sound engineers in challenging projects. Collaborating with Dr. Nate Adams, research scientist at the University of Sheffield since 2015, their touring exhibitions Art & Science: Changing Perceptions’ 2018-2020 were funded by Arts Council England.  Two large installations and educational activities toured to 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, The Hartlepool Art Gallery and Cheltenham Science Festival engaged over 47,000 live audiences.

Extra bits:

2019-20 Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site a major temporary art commission

She created two works under the theme of ‘Thread’ to shine a light on little known aspects of the world heritage site with a specific focus on Belper. ‘Threading through communities’ a socially engaged project, worked with over 500 local people to create handmade lanterns inspired by old bobbins and local history, which culminated as a celebrative Lantern lit installation. ‘Threading through Times’ a site specific installation including over 300 old bobbins, thread & programmed soundscape in the historic basement of Belper Strutt’s North Mill, inspired by World Heritage mills in Derby and Japan.

She exhibited nationally and internationally, her commissioned works are held in Buxton Museum, The Silk Mill/Derby, Redwoods Centre/NHS Shropshire, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospital, The Tetley/Leeds and many schools.

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