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Rian Treanor is an artist from Rotherham working primarily with electronic music and group based participation. His practice focuses on creating bespoke software to explore algorithmic processes and unusual synthesised sounds within various collaborations, workshops, live performances and installations. These are often socially engaged works that invite people to play together using accessible devices that anyone can pick up and play. These systems explore relationships between procedural action, non-linear interfaces and the musical possibilities of remote participation, with a focus on exploratory forms of networked interaction between audiences and collaborators.

As well as releasing records on various labels from Planet Mu, Nyege Nyege Tapes, The Death of Rave to Warp sub-label Arcola, he has presented work at multiple leading arts festivals and residencies internationally inducing: Aphex Twin Curated Warehouse Project (UK), Nyege Nyege Festival (UG), WWW (JP), Bergen Electronic Kunsthall (NO), Le Guess Who? (NL) Unsound (PL), Mira Festival (SP), GES-2 (RU), Serralves (PT), Berghain (DE), CTM (DE), Rewire (NL), No Bounds (UK), Geometry of Now (PL), Cafe Oto (UK), Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts (UK), Empty Gallery (HK), Irish Museum of Modern Art (IRL), Summerhall (UK) among others. He has also taken part in artists residencies at yU+co[lab] in Hong Kong, Counterflows in India and Shape Platform 2020.


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