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In an age where wealth controls our systems of power and much of the world is ruled by patriarchal societies, feminist speculative perspectives can offer new insights, predictions and even possible alternatives.

Speculative and Science Fiction provide space to explore, question and propose new futures. But, as with many disciplines, it is an area where many creative and talented women, trans and queer perspectives have been overlooked. Feminist artists and writers have long been presenting new angles on gender, power, ecology and community and we want to explore some of those narratives.

Site Gallery sought submissions of short stories (up to 7,500 words) in the genre of speculative/science fiction, from a feminist perspective. The winning submission, Turning Eve by Jo E. Hanlon was selected by Rachel Coldicutt, CEO of Doteveryone and editor of the experimental anthology challenging how technology is imagined – Women Invent the Future.


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