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Opening 28 September, 5pm — Plan your visit

In May 1976, 35 children posed for this class photograph in the hall of Chuckery Infant School in Walsall. In 1999 we made a short performance piece called Class of ’76, using this photo as the basis for telling lies and fibs to the audience. In February 2000 Alex Kelly (second row, second from the left) started looking for the other 34 kids in the photographto ask them what they’d been doing for the last 24 years.

A performance lecture which took you through the process of tracing classmates from a school class photo from Chuckery Infant School, Walsall in 1976, collecting their stories and memories, and creating the final unique performance. What they were like at school, what they are doing now. The mundane and the fantastic side by side. ‘We made stuff up. We couldn’t even remeber everyone’s name so we made some of those up too.’

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