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Taking inspiration from Haris Epaminonda’s solo show: Chronicles and the contrasting time-lapse work of local artist Richard Bolam, a group of Site Young Apprentices experimented with short film making focused on the passing of time without narrative.
Participants worked in twos shooting segments of static framed film around the centre of Sheffield considering composition, movement and light within the frame. They then worked individually using Imovie to edit together experimental sequences.
The intension of the project was to offer a simple and unexpected focus for shooting and editing film that participants were instantly able to respond to practically whilst broadened their understanding of how film and video can be used and received.

“I’m seeing film in a different light.”
Jessy Busgeeth

July 2010
Site Young Apprentice Scheme [SYAS] gives 14 to 21 year olds the opportunity to work more closely with the gallery on a variety of creative activities such as being part of the decision making process for commissioning new work.
In July 2010 the gallery piloted an intensive two week apprenticeship for eight young people [14 – 17] as a vocational extension of the SYAS. The pilot offered a practical insight into careers in the contemporary art sector through a range of exciting assignments and artists’ talks. Apprentices developed creative, media and workplace skills in a ‘real work’ style environment and led their own creative projects while working towards an Arts Award qualification and gaining a written reference outlining their achievements.

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