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Opening 28 September, 5pm — Plan your visit

The gallery’s recent commissioning process for Site Platform and our online commissions included a group of young people as part of the Site Young Apprentice Scheme (SYAS).
Seven of the apprentices from across South Yorkshire joined gallery staff and arts professionals to discuss, interview and shortlist artists to enable new works to be commissioned over the next few months.

“I was interested to see the commissioning process too. And it’s useful for the future, especially if I apply for something myself. I’d now know what to put and what not to put. What needs focus and consideration”.   Jacob Millen-Bramford– Site Young Apprentice

“I am doing my final major project at college now and you have to write a brief for a project and doing this has shown me that I will be able to do that in the future”. Oliver Haigh – Site Young Apprentice

“I thought today was really good. I liked that we all had one each to read which worked well”. Caroline Duncan – Site young Apprentice

Panel participants: James Burns, Jacob Millen-Bramford, Oliver Haigh, Caroline Duncan,  Lyndsey Mann , Emily Foster, Bimal Rana
May – July 2010

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