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Digital Realness opens online at Site Gallery, from 4 March 2021. The programme explores the merging of digital and physical realities through immersive online exhibitions, discussions, family workshops, reading groups, screenings and more.

Our reality is shifting, seeping in and out of screens, sliding on and offline. We drift from kitchen table to online conference room, keep our bodies healthy by streaming workouts on our phones, teach our children in living rooms through screens. There is no longer a separate IRL in a world where our physical and digital identities have become inseparable. 

So how do we navigate this paradigm shift, how do we care for each other and what are the parameters that shape our experiences on and offline? Through this digital programme, Site explores the merging of our digital and physical realities in this new existence.

This season will see the launch of our Fresh Takes commissions, by artists Sian Fan, Rebecca Jagoe and Vishal Kumaraswamy. They have developed new performance based work made to engage with the specificities of online space and expand the understanding of performance. While we are unable to access our usual sites of physical connection and are instead connected to the world through our online platforms, how do we engage with the typically physical interaction of performance? What can an online platform offer that we can’t do in person? 

We start this programme by asking questions and hosting discussions with artists, thinkers and audiences.

Find out more about Digital Realness here.

Press Release, 04.03.21

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