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Sheffield-based artist Florence Blanchard is known internationally for her work transforming city spaces with her signature style of flowing, amorphous shapes in bright colours. Working in partnership with playground paint specialist Uniplay she has transformed an area 1000 sqm into a vibrant, playful focal point for the Cultural Industries Quarter in a landmark project that can be freely accessed by anyone.

Judith Harry, Executive Director of Site Gallery, said:

“The impact of Florence’s work is remarkable. It has added a whole new dimension to the public realm around Site Gallery and is a wonderful addition to a series of public artworks we have commissioned in the area over the past couple of years. Florence has recognised the untapped potential of the square and created an environment which celebrates the creativity of the cultural industries quarter”

The project was commissioned through City of Ideas – an Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence funded programme which was led by Site Gallery on behalf of a consortia of Sheffield arts organisations based in the Cultural Industries Quarter.

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Further images available on request.

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