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In January 2010, artist Richard Wheater gave a captivating and detailed insight into the art, science and history of neon to young apprentices through a Show & Tell and hands-on workshop that offered a rare opportunity to sculpt neon. As part of his Platform residency [Neon Lights], the artist transformed the gallery into a neon making studio giving the public a rare insight into a fascinating process.

“I knew there’d be some really interesting visual potential from Richard’s work so I did my visits with camera in hand. As a young aspiring filmmaker I decided to try and capture the intriguing aesthetics of the materials, process and follow pieces, from which I’m in the process of creating a short abstract film about.  I’m looking forward to having my film work showcased through the education area of the gallery website. Keep an eye out!” Jordan Hill, 17

Listen to the workshop talk here
SYAS gives 14 to 21 year olds from across South Yorkshire the opportunity to delve further into the arts sector by working more closely with the gallery through a variety of creative activities and projects. For more information, go to SYAS

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