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We are sorry but these workshops have been cancelled.
Designed for age groups 12 – 15 years old, and 16 – 18 years old, workshops are centred around artist Pilvi Takala’s themes of social dynamics and relationships. Through video experiments, writing, and illustrations, participants will compose stories, learn bookbinding and develop their creative skills.
13 October
Meeting someone new (Video; Creative Writing)
How do you make friends and why are they important? We will speak with new people to consider how we interact with others, reflect on our most meaningful friendships, and make a video about the unspoken rules of meeting someone new.
20 October
Journal making (Decoupage; Basic Bookbinding)
To keep all the thoughts and ideas generated from the workshops in one place, we will dedicate a session to making our own journals using simple bookbinding techniques, and personalise them with found and hand-drawn images.
27 October
People watching (Field Research; Storyboarding)
Since social interactions are best observed in public space, we will go to the Winter Gardens and the train station to see how different kinds of people communicate with one another. We will exchange stories upon returning to the gallery and create a storyboard about our discoveries.
3 November
Stories about others (Creative Writing; Reading; Drawing)
The last assignment draws from all our notes, chats, and observations on interpersonal dealings, resulting in an account of a fictional character. Participants will share their descriptions in an open draw-and-talk session.
Two workshops will run each day and participants should book on the session for their age.
Ages 12 – 15: 10 am – 1pm. Ages 16 – 18: 2pm – 5pm
£15 per session or £50 for all 4 sessions.  Booking is essential.
Minimum of 6 participants to open the course; limited to a maximum of 12
Bring a snack with you, or food is available to purchase in Site Canteen

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