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Journalism student, Bella Qvist researched and conducted an interview with artists Rebecca French & Andrew Mottershead about their practice and their international Shops project as a contextual resource for the gallery.

“I really enjoyed this experience. Contemporary art is a fairly new area for me so it was an interesting challenge. I now feel confident I understand the process artists go through better and I’m aware of how much work goes into a body of work like this”. Bella Qvist

During 2009, Site extended its education work with young people to include media and journalism assignments to help further contextualise its exhibitions programme and involve young people in contemporary art dialogue. This has involved young people in researching and interviewing exhibiting artists for the gallery website and encouraging and collecting comments from audience members at private views and related events. This media strand of Site’s education programme has since been incorporated into the Site Young Apprentice Scheme [SYAS].

Artist and audience interviewers:
James Burns, Bella Qvist, Lizzie Bracewell, Joel Hide, Bimal Rana, Sarah Kabar

Site Links:
FrenchMottershead interview with Bella Qvist

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