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Media student, Kayleigh Maxwell-Linden researched and conducted an interview with artists Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone at the end of their Platform residency [Thing To Come] at Site Gallery in January 2010. Kayleigh was one of five Young Apprentices who assisted the artists during the three weeks they build and filmed their own interpretation of a futuristic model city, known to be ‘lost footage’ from the 1936 sci-fi film: Things to Come.

“My highlight though, was the opportunity to interview the artists at the end of it all. At first it was quite a nerve-wracking idea, but the gallery supported me and the artists made me feel completely at ease so it turned out to be a great interview.” Kayleigh Maxwell-Linden

Kayleigh is a member of Site Young Apprentice Scheme [SYAS], which gives 14 to 21 year olds from across South Yorkshire the opportunity to delve further into the arts sector by working more closely with the gallery through a variety of creative activities and projects. For more information, go to SYAS

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