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Lea Torp Nielsen is a Danish artist based in Sheffield, UK. She has an MFA from Sheffield Hallam University. Lea Torp Nielsen’s practice encompasses performance, photography, film and sculptural installations often structured around obscure texts. Lea Torp Nielsen has been a core member of the artist collective TOTALLER since 2014. TOTALLER works on the fringes of installation, ritual, performance, sound and is centred on making art with other people.

Recent shows include The Whole Nine Yards, Twitch TV, curated by Harley Kuyck-Cohen. Art licks Tele, episode 8, PolymorphOther, Queen’s Hall Arts, Hexham. Infinite Zest, As Of Now Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. TOT-TOT-TOTALALAZOLA, NewBridge Project, Newcastle. As Much About Forgetting, Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark. Haarlem Artspace, Wirksworth. The Immense Ventriloquism, Nationalmuseum, Berlin. Ungemutlich, Studio 1.1, London. DADA100, Islington Mill, Manchester. Totaller’s wall, Garage, Edinburgh. Tlazolteotler Fiesta!, East Street Arts, Leeds and 15” Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War, Paper Gallery, Manchester. Lea Torp Nielsen’s work is held in the Tate Library and Archive, Weston Park Museum in Sheffield and in private collections. Lea Torp Nielsen works as an associate lecturer in Fine Art.

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Images: Platform 21 at Yorkshire Artspace, 2022. Photography by Jules Lister.

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