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Site Platform offers an opportunity for artists to use the gallery space to develop new work in the gallery setting whilst also allowing audiences to engage with the process. The artists are each given up to two weeks in the gallery, during which the projects change and develop or incorporate events or performances. This gives visitors the opportunity to return at different stages of the project to view or participate.  Each artist’s residency will be accompanied by one or more (free) events and a new piece of writing commissioned by the gallery.
AUDiNT (Toby Heys + Steve Goodman)
Richard Wiliam Wheater
Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone
Sonya Dyer
Tom Woolner
Toby Heys + Steve Goodman
Unsound Systems

13 – 27 November 2010

AUDiNT’s installation Unsound Systems explores the use of sound as a weapon by focusing on the boundaries of the audible.At Site AUDiNT will produce a cosmology of sonic weaponry on the insides of vinyl album covers and an installation of an audio documentary.
Richard William Wheater
Neon Lights

1 – 18 December 2010

A mobile neon-making unit will accompany the artist to the space where, through intense practice, he will create light-filled text in the gallery. At the end of each day completed work will be mounted on the gallery wall and illuminated.
Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone
Things to Come (1936)
11 – 29 January 2011

The artists will build in the gallery space a large, highly abstract, metal and glass model based on Lázló Moholy-Nagy’s set designs of a ‘future city’ originally made for the 1936 science fiction filmThings to Come, from which they will shoot a 16mm film.
Sonya Dyer
Paul Robeson Research Station
2 – 19 February 2011

Paul Robeson Research Station presents a series of screenings, discussions and live mapping, culminating in a choral performance based on the life of Paul Robeson – an American actor, singer, scholar, athlete, writer, lawyer, trade unionist and social justice advocate.
Tom Woolner
An Evening with Archimboldo
Friday 25 February 2011, 7pm

For his Platform Commission, Tom Woolner will develop a new performance work expanding on previous projects with his makeshift troupe The Archimboldo Players.
See the individual pages for more information on each project and associated events.

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