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Opening 28 September, 5pm — Plan your visit

Shunted formed part of Public Sightings, a ground-breaking programe of publicly sited art works for Photo 98, the UK Year of Photography and the Electronic Image. Shunted was based at Sheffield Train Station, where a series of interactive audio-visual insallations were specifically commissioned for sites and buildings across the platforms. Each work, whether inside a stationary railway carriage or within the derelict Victorian buildings which remain intact on the station, echoed with the narratives associated with a station, a point of departure, a chance meeting or brief encounter, the beginning of a real or virtual journey.

Simon Biggs created a virtual Waiting Room in which visitors can interact with projected virtual figures who appear to sit, fidget, wait and depart from the space.

Frances Hegarty & Andrew Stones ‘s Seemingly So Evidently Not Apparantly Then was a site-specific installation involving live and recorded video. Live CCTV footage taken on the the station was infiltrated by the ghostly image of a woman dressed in bizarrely exaggerated Victorian costume. The image of a virtual clock on the platform ran in synch with the real clock in the waiting room, questioning what is present and what is absent, and testing the direct evidence of the senses against that which is mediated by technological means.

Mark Wallinger presented The Hour When Railway Lines Meet at Infinity – a video projection filmed in the gloom and illumination of an circle line underground train and shown in the corresponding space of a train carriage.

Impossible Theatre’s Destined consisted of two electromagnetic flip dot information display boards showing a series of messages based on quotes from a range of travellers about the implications of ‘Destination’/’Destiny’. The quotes were taken from a series of workshops led by Impossible Theatre with elderly people who had lived in Sheffield all their lives and Somali people who had moved to the city.

Brighid Lowe created a new work which was displayed on poster sites in Sheffield city centre.

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