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Site Gallery premiered the Shooting Live Artists commissions in this exciting crossover area between performance, digital media and installation. The 6 new commissions:

Pleasant Land by Third Angel.

Public web and live engagement in an investigation of what ” Englishness ” means to us today creating a living bank of postcards, stories, images, objects and identities.

‘File under Sacred Music’ by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Breaking new ground in combining live art, digital media and rock ‘n’ roll – an ambitious live re-enactment of The Cramps seminal 1978 performance at Napa Mental Institute.

Suffragettes invented Performance Art by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris /

As a same sex couple, Hill and Paris have no legal rights and are prohibited from living together in Hill’s country, the United States. Hill and Paris recreate four Suffragette performances in a modern context to highlight the basic citizenship rights still denied to the lesbian and gay community.

iROOM by Ronald Fraser- Munroe.

Interactive digital drama set in the lost ‘reality’ department of a tv station. This digital film noir introduces characters with attitude as they battle to broadcast reality to the junk tv fed public.

Skin / Strip Online by Completely Naked and Further field.

Explores interaction of body identities, building an intimate human gallery on the net, confronting social and cultural representations of an unknown public.

TRANSFORMER by Daniel Gosling:

During a sleepless winter hitch hike to the Norwegian Arctic Circle, an exploration of the spaces produced in an incrementally signal-hostile environment.

In association with the Arts Council of England and BTV festival.

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