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Interspecies Entanglements looks at relationships between different entities, humans and non-humans, at macro and micro scale, reflecting on the environment and ecosystems. 

This exhibition brings together artists and artworks that highlight humanity’s interdependence on non-human species, with radical approaches to making work in the shadow of looming climate catastrophe and political upheaval. We centre stories of our non-human companions, folding time from the deep, slow formation of rocks to the brief flicker of insects. Bodies overlap and interact, building new collaborations and relationships.

In mutant and nondurable, the artist duo nabbteeri delightfully expose the shifting and decomposing population of insect life, collecting the remains of arthropods from their immediate surroundings. Further exploring our insect connections, The New World Syrup & The Fever Hand by Vivian Caccuri tracks the emergence and recent re-emergence of yellow fever in Brazil.

Mercedes Azpilicueta’s Molecular Love: Act 4 combines deconstructed scores and tie-dyed décors to create assemblages of multiple bodies fed by migrating organic matter. In Eustatic Drift by Keira Green, we hear from the fossils of Graptolites, our long extinct plankton ancestry.

Interspecies Entanglements continues online with a new performance-based film by Rebecca Jagoe. The work invites us to consider deep time, in relation to human-centred terms of life and European mediaeval conceptions of animism. It is inspired by The Peterborough Lapidary; a mediaeval church manuscript describing medicinal properties of stones.

Experience Rebecca Jagoe’s film A Sicknesse, A Ston [CORAL] here.

Lead image: nabbteeri, Mutant and Nondurable, 2020.

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