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Matter of Engagement, Florian Roithmayr’s Platform residency, considers how we learn through action and experience rather than instruction. Florian is interested in the limits of language and the relationships of trust that people form when working side by side, sharing skills.

Last year, the artist worked as an apprentice to ‘concrete beautician’ Viorel Bratu on a number of construction sites in Germany. For his residency at Site Gallery, Florian invites Viorel to work with him on the construction of a delicate yet large-scale, 4 mm thick concrete wall in the gallery. This is a process similar to painting a mural or fresco, where a surface fantasy, a near flawless version of concrete, is strived for.

Visitors will be able to see the evolution of the wall between 11 – 21 March, when Florian and Viorel will work together.

Before beginning construction, Florian will embark upon several field trips across Sheffield, talking to educators and researchers to explore a variety of alternative educational models. These conversations will be recorded and made available in a research room, adjoining the main gallery.

This space is open daily to the public, with a large, circular table designed to encourage group discussion.

In the final week of the residency, museum professionals will lead discussions in the gallery focusing on historical objects from their collections. It is thought that these items were originally designed as teaching aids but in some cases their intended uses may have been misconstrued through the years.  Join us as we collectively explore these tools of the learning process.

Upcoming events:
Conversation: Tim Birkhead brings the Alfred Denny Museum to Site Gallery
Tuesday 25 March, 6pm

Conversation: Mark Carnell brings Foraminifera models from the Grant Museum of Zoology
Saturday 29 March, 1pm

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