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Still is a solo exhibition of the work of artist Breda Beban from the former Yugoslavia, centred around a series of photographs and video works. In a very uncomplicated and explicit way the exhibits display the condition of absence experienced by those who are inhabiting the space between an unbroken desire (longing) and a broken sense of belonging.

The exhibition is autobiographic and deeply personal. The series of photographs in the exhibition have been selected from hundreds of images taken by Beban during the period 1991 and 1997. This was a particularly significant time in the life of the artist, marked by the intrusion of dramatic social circumstances and tragic events on a personal level.

Breda Beban was born in Novi Sad, and since 1980 has been exhibiting in numerous individual and group exhibition in the former Yugoslavia and internationally. From 1986 until 1997 Beban collaborated with Hrvoje Horvatic, producing works in film, video, installation and photography. Jointly they have also produced and directed 30 documentaries for television Zagreb on different aspects of the contemporary art scene in former Yugoslavia

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