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In the first session, you will learn the basics of code and how to make music with open source software FoxDot. In this session we will give you with the samples you need to make your own melodies.

You will then collect your own samples using the sound recorders on your mobile phone from around your house. You will receive worksheets to give you examples to get you started.

In the second session, we will import the sounds we’ve collected into our own compositions. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn the basics of coding, sampling and be able to make their own songs and melodies.

To take part please book a free ticket via Eventbrite. Please only get tickets if you can commit to both sessions.

These workshops are open to all ages, and we encourage family collaborations however younger participants (8-12 years old) may need support from family members to take part.

These workshops require access to a basic Mac or Windows computer that is connected to or has a built in ‘qwerty’ keyboard. All software will run on most machines made 2010 and onwards. We will send you a guide as to what software you need to install before the workshops begin. To help support participants who are struggling with the installation we will be running 1-1 tech support sessions over Zoom to help you get up and running in advance of the sessions and we’ll send more information about this to those who have purchased tickets.


Lucy Cheesman lives and works in Sheffield. She makes live coded music under the name Heavy Lifting using open source software TidalCycles and FoxDot. She is a founder member of female sound art collective SONA, who organise inclusive workshops and events.

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