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Transmission: Speaking and Listening is an annual series of lectures supported by the School of Cultural Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, in collaboration with the Site Gallery and the Showroom Cinema. Leading and emerging artists from the UK and abroad discuss their work in relation to a particular theme with an audience of students and the public.

Talks take place at the Showroom Cinema at 4pm on Wednesdays and cost £2/£1.50 concession (there is no charge for Students registered at Sheffield Hallam University). Tickets for the talks can be reserved in advance at the box office, Showroom Cinema, tel: 0114 275 7727. The Showroom Cinema is in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter, next to the main train and bus stations.

11 October – Martin Vincent

Martin Vincent is an artist, curator and writer. He founded the Annual Programme in Manchester in 1995, and is currently a director of The International 3 gallery.

18 October – Haris Epaminonda

Haris Epaminonda’s work assembles itself as books, moving image, drawing, photography, assemblage and objects in ways that indicate passages from one level to another.

25 October – Karin Ruggaber

karin ruggaber’s work adresses the act and the condictions of display and the relationship to architectural space.

8 November – George Barber

A pioneer of video art, george barber gained an international reputation in the 80s with ‘scratch video’; subsequent work revolves around narrative microdramas and real world physical experiments.

16 November – Lohan Emmanuel

Lohan Emmanuel’s work markes use of traditional aesthetocs in ways that expose the perceived moral authority of art and the artist.

22 November – Forsyth and Pollard

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard met and began wokring collaboratively in 1993. An interdisciplinary approach to art, music, mediation and ‘liveness’ has led to their continued engagement with the soundtrack underpinning contemporary life.

29 November – Stephane le Mercier

Stephane le Mercier surevys urban space, gathering clues and scraps abotu a world where dispossession has set in, which he transforms into moulds, negatives and casts.

31 January -Daniel Gustav Cramer

Daniel Gustav Cramer lives and works in Berlin and London, and lectures in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. He won the Jerwood Photography Award in 2005 with his ongoing series Woodland.

7 February – John Stezaker

John Stezaker has been centrally influential in a number of developments in art over the last three decades; from Conceptual Art and New Image Art through to the contemporary interest in collage. Simon Faithfull has shown widely and currently has a touring exhibition based on work made during an Arts Council Fellowship to Antarctica. His book Ice Blink: An Antarctic Essay has recently been published by Book Works.

21 February – Paul Claydon

Paul Claydon is a founding editor of Inventory journal. Devoted to the essay form in all its manifestations, Inventory’s activities extend to film and installation, and they currently have works in the collections of Tate Modern and the Centre Pompidou.

28 February – Andrew Sneddon

Andrew Sneddon is a senior lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. His research is concerned with place and how it influences the production of art objects.

7 March – Rod Dickinson

Rod Dickinson’s recent projects use detailed research into moments of the past and present, to make a series of meticulously re-enacted events and simulations that represent both the mechanisms that enable belief, and the social systems that make belief systems function.

14 March – Symposium – working from the collection

Lisa Le Feuvre is Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Maritime Museum and teaches on the Curatorial Programme at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Dany Nobus is a world-renowned authority on the history, theory and practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis. He is Professor of Psychology and Psychoanalysis at Brunel University.

Lucy Reynolds is an artist, writer, independent film programmer and Content Manager for LuxOnline, and teaches the history and theory of artists’ moving image.

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