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Unapologetically black and feminist, the Missy Elliott Project was Site Gallery’s first collaboration with Eclipse Theatre, working with artist Selina Thompson on her most ambitious project to date: The Missy Elliott Project.

Working alongside 10 black teenage girls in four cities, with 5 female artists we will create a series of new artworks exploring the lived experience of black teenage girls in the UK today.

It will be filled with the resilience and power of teenage girls; surveying how they negotiate a culture that tries to sexualize or infantilise them, and the tools that they use to fight the system.


The young women we work with will be introduced to black feminist theory and encouraged to think about its place in their lives, on their terms. They will collaborate with and receive mentorship from leading female artists and will work with us to create a new work inspired by the sound and aesthetic of Missy Elliott – filled with the imagination and sense of spectacle that defines Missy’s work.

Dates and times:

21 and 28 September

5, 12 & 19 October

Weeklong workshop 31st October – 3rd November, ending in a small sharing for family and friends.

To find out more contact The Missy Elliot Project Engagement Manager, Emmy Lahouel on

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About the artist

Selina Thompson is an artist and performer based in Leeds, UK. She makes work that is urgent, playful and intimate – whether that’s by building a giant dress out of cake with over 2000 people in a busy shopping centre over 2 days, sharing stories with audiences inside a 7ft ball of hair, or touring her highly acclaimed solo shows across the country.

Her recent show Salt won three highly acclaimed awards at the Edinburgh Fringe. More information about Selina can be found on her website:

The Missy Elliott Project is a Site Gallery, Eclipse Theatre and Selina Thompson Ltd collaboration.

Film produced by Site Gallery.

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