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18 January 201411 – 4pm
Followed by drinks in the galleries 4 – 6pm
Ticket prices – £5, £7
Includes a light lunch
From the first act of a musical to a series of female weightlifting performances, join the 2014/15 Platform artists as they share the ideas shaping their residencies. Platform is a unique artistic development programme nationally, turning the galleries into a working studio in which artists make new work in public. Following over 250 applicants, a panel of artists and curators selected 6 artists to develop new projects at Site Gallery over the next 18 months. The criteria used to select the artists can perhaps be summed up as ‘why make this work in public?’
This day of discussions and debates explores the thoughts, dreams and concepts of our five artists selected for Platform:  Helen Benigson, Florian Roithmayr, Simon and Tom Bloor, Rory Pilgrim,  Mel Brimfield and her collaborator Gwyneth Herbert.
Chaired by curator and writer Kathy Noble, the artists will be joined by Platform alumni artist Anna Barham, whose completed work is currently presented at Site Gallery, along with members of the selection panel and Site’s curatorial team.
In particular, the day will explore that strange place that emerges in the Platform residencies between private practice and public participation. What is the value of going behind the scenes of the creative process? How can the artists benefit from the insight of an audience?
An invaluable day for students, artists and arts professionals as we explore how ideas are born, nurtured and developed into new work.


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