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Magic and technology have a long and fascinating history, and in many ways the two worlds have always been linked through the arts. When tech and magic meet, they can empower – making the invisible visible, and spinning positive change with enchanting words. But there are two sides to every magic coin, and this union can also obscure the truth, fostering and glorifying mystique, for better or worse.

Digital design seems to take inspiration from the impossible and miraculous; we’ve all heard the Arthur C. Clarke phrase, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Indeed, it’s almost the mantra of tech culture at the moment, this idea that the only thing to separate the practical from the supernatural is our understanding. But although it’s now easier than ever to pull back the curtain and find out how things work, somehow our need for mystery prevails. In both our tech and our art, we usually enjoy the effect more than the mechanism – perhaps because it leaves more room for the imagination to get to work.

This season, we’ll examine the impossible; both the illusions and the processes lying behind them, and we won’t be afraid to cast a critical eye over the dark arts of deception, including digital culture.

Join experts in performance, psychology, magic, creativity and ritual to playfully explore what happens when these worlds come together. We have stimulating discussions and mind-opening workshops every month from September up to the festive holidays.

Tickets are £5 flat rate for each event. You can book for one, two, three or all four.

Magic and Creativity: Ashton Carter and Jade Fearnley

Thursday, 25 October 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Plenty of laughs are guaranteed at this lively interactive event which combines performance and workshop elements. Open your mind, and consider the links between performance and belief with magician and paranormal researcher Ashton Carter. Explore your potential and feel the magic yourself, under the guidance of expert improv comedy coach, Jade Fearnley. Over the course of three hours you will gradually learn to relax and playfully create together, gaining confidence, and accessing sides of yourself you didn’t know were there. Along the way, you’ll gain some fascinating insights into the history and technology of magic and some top techniques to sharpen your wits.

Hypnosis and Belief: Sinead McDonald, Nick Davies and Mark Pilkington

Thursday, 8 November, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Ritual: Annebella Pollen and Gemma Papineau

Thursday, 29 November, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Magic, Dance and Memory: Nicola Clayton and Clive Wilkins

Thursday 20 December, 6.30pm – 9.30pm




Ashton Carter

Jade Fearnley

Sinead McDonald

Mark Pilkington

Nick Davies

Annebella Pollen

Gemma Papineau

Nicola Clayton

Clive Wilkins

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