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An exhibition of works that explore the re-presentation of historical and filmic events and in some cases the conflation of the two. The works are testament to the idea that ‘the most relevant prefix for contemporary practice is ‘re-‘, re-cycle, re-look, re-stage, rebuild, return, re-make, re-wind, revolution, re-evaluate, re-charge, re-invention, repetition’*

The remaking of an event or filmic narrative will inevitably allow the perspective of the intervening years to creep into the new interpretation whilst also manipulating or collapsing this temporal and contextual wormhole. Offering a commentary on the original, the new instance or the changes effected in the intervening years, the technique can offer the possibility of redeeming history or breaking out of a cycle of nostalgic eternal return by creating a new and personal context.

The exhibition is accompanied by a screening programme selected by artist Rod Dickinson which includes work by T R Uthco and Antfarm, Vision Machine, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Harun Farocki, Jill Godmilow.

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