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Sound as a complex phenomenon merges various inseparable elements like space, time and resonance together;  it has the power to create, alter, distort and destroy time itself, not only our experience of it.

In its restless becoming, sound’s intentionality and directionality become tools used to perceive these unknown temporalities. Mutating sound events trigger the awareness of the listener and emerge through the multi-perceptivity between audibility and inaudibility. As we are able to hear the hidden dimensions…

The spiral, as a specifically Dogon choreography of thought recognizes this sonorous motion, as a force inherent in a centre that affects the surrounding space. This spinning motif underlies the Dogon Cosmology’s conception of how space-time comes into existence and evolves into an embodied perception that unfolds slowly and initiates spaces of possibility.

Programmed as part of No Bounds Festival, supported by Site Gallery’s City of Ideas programme.




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