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Laura Wilson will present a live script reading of new audio work Gutted, delving into digestive processes, and Hannah Buckley and Hollie Miller will share Blood, Bone, Breath, a dance performance exploring intimacy and the body. 

Booking is essential. Tickets are £5 full price, or free if the cost is a barrier in any way.

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Laura Wilson

A live reading of Gutted, a script written by artist Laura Wilson with Screenwriter Alan Whiting. Performed within Wilson’s sculpture Ladybower, the work investigates gut processes, instincts and ecosystems; from digestion inside our bodies to landscape-scale infrastructure and archaeological digs. Alongside bringing to life digestive processes and encouraging us to consider how we think and feel through our stomachs, the work takes the idea of the hole as both an entry and exit point, a barrier between the inside and outside, it can be a portal between worlds – it consumes, and it vomits.

Blood, Bone, Breath
Hannah Buckley and Hollie Miller 

Blood, Bone, Breath is a co-creation by Hollie Miller and Hannah Buckley with live sound from Craig Scott. It brings together movement, image and sound to prioritise softness, slowing down and cultivating deep listening. It draws on the imaginative body as a resource to navigate intimacy, agency and being in relation to another.

Image credit: Hollie Miller.

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