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In this online session participants will be introduced to the colourful and creative process of risograph printing. After you have reserved your ticket you will receive a collage pack in the post from Site Gallery. Using these materials, or your own if you prefer, you will have the opportunity to create your own collage and discover how you can then transform this into a risograph print.

At the end of the session we are asking participants to post their collage works in the self addressed postage paid envelopes included with the collage packs to Bolton Contemporary who will then turn your collages into risograph artworks. The following week participants will each receive a collection of prints of their own work as well as other prints made during the workshop.

By taking part we hope participants will have a greater understanding of the risograph printing process, but also have a collection of new artwork for their homes.

To increase the potential for group conversation between participants we are limiting the session to 10 places. We ask that participants book on no later than the 19th April so we have enough time to post out materials.

If you want to take part but don’t have access to a laptop and/or headphones please get in touch and we can provide these for the duration of the project to those in the Sheffield region. This workshop is aimed at audiences aged 10+. Intergenerational collaboration between your household is encouraged.

The session will have auto captions provided by and we will also have a member of staff offering additional facilitation and support over the chat function within Zoom.

Gif credit: Bolton Contemporary, 2021


Bolton Contemporary CIC is a socially engaged art group that works with local people and organisations to make visual art. They believe making and interacting with visual art is something that should be accessible to everyone. They are specifically interested in working with people representative of Greater Manchester’s diverse population.

This session was programmed by the Society of Explorers  (Site Gallery’s collective of 14-18 year olds) from responses to our open call. The Explorer’s selected to work with Bolton Contemporary because they loved the idea of participants taking part in digital sessions but also receiving something tangible and unique through the post . The Explorers will also be contributing to the materials that are distributed in the collage packs.

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