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Drink beer, listen to interesting talks and performances, learn about magic, music and machines and meet interesting people. Hack Circus issue 2 will be launched at the event. What makes you so sure youʼre not just a brain in a jar? How do you magic up a fictional world with real technology? Why do we like tiny things?

Speakers and performers addressing these sorts of themes on the night will include:
Heather Fenoughty. This composer and sound designer will be discussing site-specific theatre.
Ralph Harrington. Transport historian Ralph will explore how model railways conjure up alternate realities.
Alex McLean and Kate Sicchio will be collaborating on a live coding/dance performance.
Sinead McDonald. The Dublin-based artist will be talking about fake realities caused by the camera, and other misleading technologies.
Henry Cooke. The creative developer of bots with personality will be asking why we need to see people where no people exist.
Chris Farnell. The writer and sci-fi aficionado will question how we can be sure of our own reality.

Early booking strongly advised, spaces are limited.

Youʼll have the opportunity to buy the first and second issue of Hack Circus magazine at the event.All the videos of the previous Hack Circus event (TIME TRAVEL LIVE) are on the YouTube channel:
Hack Circus is a new quarterly magazine and event series about fun and fantastical ideas. Itʼs a Finalbullet production. Contact for details or interviews.

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