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Online Reading Group

Our reading group, designed by producer Robyn Haddon, returns for Spring/Summer 2024 with a series of readings exploring the research behind our exhibition programme. 

We begin with two online sessions based on texts suggested by artist Freya Dooley. The chosen texts have been an integral part of her research for solo exhibition False Note. There will also be a third lunchtime session in-person at Site Gallery. You are welcome to attend any number of these sessions, participation in all is not required. Feel free to join as many or as few as you like.

The readings will be sent to you after you book your place.

Online Reading Group #2: Strategies for being yourself / losing yourself at work

For session two, we return to Songs of the Factory: Pop Music, Culture and Resistance by Marek Korczynski. Chapter 2, Stayin’ Alive at McTells reflects on the alienation of workers at a blinds manufacturing factory and how they feel like the bottom of the pile, but also the ways in which they connect with each other while they are there. Alongside this, we will look at an extract from Convenience Store Woman, the 2016 novel by Sayaka Murata, which follows Keiko in her job working at a konbini, the familiar Japanese convenience store on most street corners in Japan. 

Online Reading Group #1: Normality is an Invention

Reading Group #3: Relaxed in-person session

If you can’t attend any of the sessions but are interested in accessing the readings, please email Robyn at to request them or call Site Gallery reception on 0114 2812077. More sessions to be announced throughout the summer. 

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