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Reconfiguring the exhibition space and its multi-channel sound installation, Freya and Emma will be in residence in the gallery after the exhibition closes, composing new musical experiments layering synths and voice with samples, fragments and false notes.

Please arrive at 7pm for the performance, which will end before 8pm.

Freya Dooley’s solo exhibition False Note comprises three separate but interconnected works which explore themes of replacement and connection. The themes in the False Note exhibition relate to the musical and idiomatic meanings of the term ʻfalse noteʼ – defined in music as a note that has been muted to the point that there is no discernable pitch, but is still an essential part of the composition and its rhythm. This term also has a murkier suggestion – to strike a false note is to miss the mark, fall out of sync – reminding us of miscommunications, inconsistencies and misalignments. 

The performance is supported by Freya’s recent PRS Foundation Women Make Music award. The event is free to attend, but we ask that you please book to reserve your place.

Access information

There is seating and portable stools available in the gallery to watch the performance. This event will take place on the ground floor of our building which is wheelchair accessible. There are accessible toilets on the same floor. If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to improve your visit please email

To see the works in the exhibition, don’t miss False Note before it closes on 26 May.

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