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On 20 March 2004, renowned artist Susan Hiller came to Sheffield to give a talk at the closing event for Haunted Media, an exhibition at Site Gallery in which her seminal work Belshazzar’s Feast was featured. Nineteen years later, participants are invited to gather in the spot where the work was displayed and attempt communication.

The session will begin with a short introduction from artist Tyler Mellins outlining his motivations for contacting Hiller, followed by a guided crystal meditation to open up the group to spiritual energies. Psychic medium Kim Alexis will then attempt to bring the spirit of Hiller through and relay any messages she receives.

Participants are advised to arrive early as late entry is not permitted. We kindly ask that you stay for the entire duration of the event (1.5hrs) to avoid disruption.

We cannot guarantee the attendance of the spirit of Susan Hiller, and the medium may receive messages (not connected to Susan Hiller) for members of the audience. Participants who are uncomfortable with this can opt-out, and no personal messages will be shared with these people.

Please note that the event will be filmed.


Tyler Mellins is an artist based in Sheffield. Inspired by time spent working with a team of paranormal investigators, his current work explores the possibility of communication with spirits of the dead. He is interested in ghosts as reflections of our society and as expressions of the unconscious mind. His work encourages us to question what we see and hear, especially on our screens. He is currently in his second year of the Freelands Artist Programme and recently exhibited in Dark Echoes at Site Gallery.

Kim Alexis is a psychic, spiritual medium, hypnotherapist, crystal healer, and past life regressionist. She is “able to tune in and channel information from people who have passed over”, and has over 20 years experience in using her abilities to help people communicate with loved ones and overcome challenges in their lives. She has performed as a medium at many high-profile events, including at Tate Modern. She has been featured in The Guardian, The Independent, and Grazia.

Susan Hiller was an influential pioneer of video art and multimedia installation, best known for works that explore paranormal phenomena such as psychic powers, UFO sightings, and ghosts. She once said in an interview: “Our lives are haunted by ghosts, our own personal ghosts and the collective ghosts of our society.” Hiller exhibited frequently at Site Gallery, including Psi Girls (1999), Haunted Media (2004), and Recollections (2019). She died in 2019.

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