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Within the session, Shenece Oretha invites others to listen and sound out alongside Jeanne Lee’s 1974 album Conspiracy. Jeanne Lee (1939-2000) was an African-American vocalist, poet, composer, improvisor, activist and educator. The session will expand on the themes and ideas of Lee’s album, Black Avant Garde and improvisatory practices. 

We will meditate on the sculpting and shaping of sound and how it inversely moves and shapes us. Drawing from her sculptural form to consider how movement and proximity change the ways we listen, how sound and breath touch us, the tenderness of a crossfade, stereo sound’s duality and multichannel sounds potential. Participants are asked to become conspirators, (con together, spriare breathe) breathing and listening together. 

Shenece invites the artist Ashley Holmes to amplify the themes of this session in sonic conversation about the methodologies within his sound practice.

This event has limited places so please book your ticket to guarantee a place.

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