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Join Martin Harwood and Sarah Carroll for a concert series of live music and interactive musical free play. The concerts will include musical responses to current exhibition Before, During & After: Here Now (How To Keep The Balance) including conversations, exploring rhythms, repetition, musical mirroring, mindfulness and listening.

The musical free play section will include drums, boomwhackers, soundbops, gongs and chimes around the space for families to explore and interact with.


Wednesday 17 January, 9.15 – 10am / 10.15 – 11am
Wednesday 24 January, 9.15 – 10am / 10.15 – 11am
Wednesday 31 January, 9.15 – 10am / 10.15 – 11am
Wednesday 7 February, 9.15 – 10am / 10.15 – 11am

Concerts are inclusive and welcoming to all – the gallery is buggy and wheelchair accessible, with nappy changing facilities. Breastfeeding is welcome.

Find out more and book via the Concerteenies website here.

These concerts are in partnership with Sheffield Music Hub. Lead image: courtesy of Concerteenies.


Martin Harwood, multi-instrumentalist (fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals) and community musician, is well-known on the local and national traditional music scene, having played in Skyhook, Caravanserai and local ceilidh groups. Alongside his performing work, Martin has nearly 30 years of experience as an early years musician, educator and trainer including running the hugely popular ‘Small Voices Big Noises’ weekly drop-in music sessions for 0-4s and adults.

Sarah Carroll is a Sheffield based singer and workshop leader specialising in Early Years music. Having grown up singing with the National Youth Choir, she now sings more locally with Sonority, Steel City Choristers and The Sheffield Beatles Project. She is a Creative Practitioner with Concerteenies and works with Sheffield Music Hub and Sheffield Music Academy coaching, conducting and teaching young people. She is currently part of the CREC: Certificate for Music Educators programme.

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