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A live reading of BROOK/HYDRA, a text written by artist Lea Torp Nielsen. Performed within the underground hidden rivers of Sheffield, the work dives into the extended temporal scales of deep time. The script has multiple voices like the many heads of the Hydra. It simultaneously speaks from and of the earth, and the body (the head, the heart, the gut and the anus) and demonstrates how water travels through our bodies and every life form as part of its endless planetary circulation. Holding all perspectives at once takes one away from the here and the now: time stretches, contracts and loops into itself, and determined physical forms, always marked by limitation, become fluid.

We will meet and do the safety briefing at Site Gallery 15 minutes before the start of the event, which will last around two hours. 

Price per person: £10 

IMPORTANT: Please read through the event safety information below as the event may not be suitable for you to take part. 

The tours are led by experienced caving guides from ‘Howl Bushcraft’ with the assistance of Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust volunteers.

In view of the environment and safety considerations there is a minimum age limit of 14 (children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian). You need to be mobile and able to walk on uneven and slippery surfaces with flowing water and to stoop for stretches of the tour. No animals are permitted.

Be aware that occasionally even in summer the water may be too deep or current too strong to do this safely. Other parts of the tour are equally dramatic for different reasons.

You need to be ready and at the designated meeting point at least 15 minutes before your official start time for your safety debriefing and kitting out. Safety helmets and cap lamps are essential and will be supplied by us.

You should wear suitable footwear that completely covers all parts of your feet and provides reasonable protection and support; full height wellington boots are ideal and in most cases should keep your feet dry. Waders are even better (ask any fishing friends you may have). Layers of clothes are recommended though your guide will advise on the day as to the conditions and how cold or warm it is likely to be.

Smoking, drinking, vaping, eating or drinking is not permitted on the tours.  The use of drugs or consumption of alcohol prior to the tour is strictly prohibited.

You may wish to bring a walking pole or stick to help with balance. Spare clothes and shoes for after the trip are a good idea and may be necessary depending on water levels.

Please be aware you may not be permitted to join the tour if you have failed to follow any of the above requirements, are wearing unsuitable footwear or arrive after the safety briefing has started, and you will not be refunded.

Tours may be called off in the event of high-water conditions or forecast of heavy rain. This may be at very short notice.  A full refund will be offered in this case. Refunds are not available in any other circumstances, but you may transfer your ticket to somebody else at face value or less.

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