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Together with artists Hannah Fincham and Ross Bennett from Social Pickle, we will talk about the process of Fermentation – a microscopic, almost invisible process that we’re interacting with constantly. Bacteria are in our guts, on our skin, they help food fend off moulds and transform ingredients into interesting new foods. Learning to trust your gut means learning to trust bacteria and listening to its signs and smells.

We will sharpen our instincts and get to know and love the pungent smells of metabolic processes. We’ll get to know bacteria through an olfactory (smell) and taste based tour of fermented aromas and flavours, with fermented products created by the artists.

We’ll then explore this symbiotic relationship further through creative writing and drawing, harnessing our emotions and thoughts. Collectively will ferment our ideas into a collaborative microcosm displayed in the studio.

This workshop will be on a drop-in basis. Feel free to come anytime between 11-1pm on the day. It is suitable for all ages, and we encourage intergenerational participation.

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This event will take place on the ground floor of our building which is wheelchair accessible. There are accessible toilets on the same floor. If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to improve your visit please email


Hannah Fincham and Ross Bennett’s collaborative work often uses vegetables as a tool, tapping into the social life of food, working around themes of creativity, care, waste, and health. They founded (along with 4 other people) a project Social Pickle that aims to bring people together to share the joys of foraging, pickling and producing. They explore fermentation as a human and non-human collaborative process, seeking to create better access to nutritious food and create less damaging practices to the planet. The process is one of shared learning, and they see it as a space for community members to empower each other through knowledge and build resilience!

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