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Opening 28 September, 5pm — Plan your visit

As part of Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield, we are presenting a survey of leading contemporary Chinese artists from the dslcollection.

Curator, writer and dslcollection collaborator, Martina Köppel-Yang, has shared insights into each piece of work included in both venues. If you would like to walk around Site Gallery and listen on your smart phone as you experience the works, there are headphones available at reception.

Click on the titles below to listen to each recording.

Site Gallery:

Introduction from Martina Köppel-Yang
Onward! Onward! Onward!, 2006

Jiang Zhi, three-channel video projection, 12 minute loop. Courtesy of dslcollection
A Cruel Diary of Youth – Dusk of Gods, 2000

Yang Yong, C-print, 115 x 76 cm. Courtesy of dslcollection
1, 2, 3, 4, 2005

Zhou Tao, video, 3 minutes. Courtesy of dslcollection


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