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Opening 28 September, 5pm — Plan your visit

Stefan Szczelkun brings Agit Disco to Site Gallery for one-night of shared listening and discussion inspired by the records that shape and change our lives.

Agit Disco is an ongoing project built from playlists, telling the story of how music has politically influenced and inspired the individual.

Almost everyone makes selections of music to play to themselves and friends. Agit Disco explores the importance of this creative act and its place in our formation as political beings. This activity is at odds with  the usual process of selection by the mainstream media – in which the most potent musical agents of change are, whenever possible, erased from the public airwaves.

Over the course of the evening artist Stefan Szczelkun will play a diverse selection of 45” records, interspersing the playing with reasons for his choices. Stefan has also invited Sheffield-based artists Shirley Cameron and Roland Miller to contribute their selection of music that has influenced them over the forty years of their collaborative, politically inspired work.

A playlist of music from the evening will be produced after the event to feature on the Agit Disco Noticeboard, thereby having the potential to re-enter a domestic setting, disco, party or after-dinner session – with added conceptual value.

Agit Disco is presented  in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and the artist lecture series Transmission. Before the event, don’t miss Stefan Szczelkun’s Transmission lecture at Sheffield Hallam University, 4.30pm – 6pm, free.

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